Meet the staff



Nu2You began with my love for shopping and “Passion for Fashion”. I have been shopping consignment for over 30 years and have a scary obsession with fashion!!!

I have always been a Fashionista, and I especially loved shopping at consignment stores, I love the variety, the prices and the unique finds.


Combining my knowledge with my passion for fashion and an awareness of our economy led to the concept of opening an upscale women’s apparel consignment shop. And thus, Nu2You Fashion Boutique was born.



I have been working in the fashion industry for approximately 5 years and I LOVE IT! 

Fashion is a creative outlet for me! I get to express how I am feeling on any given day.

I also get to reinvent myself and play with different aspects of my personality. 

Fashion is very inspiring to me and I think it inspires others as well. 

It’s a form of self care. It makes me feel great!



“Love of fashion is one of my passions and I have been working in this field for over 14 years.”

I truly enjoy working with women to find clothing that makes them feel confident, comfortable, lets their personality shine, and makes them feel great.  As a fashion lover, I am a huge advocate of consignment shopping and have been shopping this way for years. It is a win-win experience for everyone and for the environment as well. Most of my wardrobe is from consignment boutiques and there is nothing more satisfying than scoring that perfect “find” that is in excellent condition and at an incredible price!  Fashion and personal style are like art, so be creative, have fun, and remember the best accessory is always a smile.



I have been a fashionista for as long as I can remember I love to shop and wear all the new trends and styles.

I absolutely love my job here at Nu2You researching and pricing fashions and providing customer service.



I have had a passion for fashion (and an addiction to shopping!) from a very young age. I hold an Honors Diploma in Style Coaching from the International Association of Style Coaches (IASC). I also have a Diploma in Fashion Design. I have worked in luxury consignment and other Boutiques in Victoria and Edmonton and have done some fashion show consulting and wardrobe detoxing.

I author a blog as well, “Bliss & Bling Life & Style Blog” Style Coaching is a more holistic form of Image Consulting that encourages people to focus on their positive attributes rather than trying to change them into someone they’re not and at Nu2You Luxury Consignment Boutique I strive to do that every day.